Attention: Call and Speak to a Duncan Realty & Escrow Agent
at 1-800-821-0359 before confirming any transaction.

Another company is using our website and our name Duncan Realty & Escrow to scam people. They are posing as a listing agency or a sales company with buyer's ready to sign contracts. They are taking large upfront fees on a pre-paid credit card. Once the card is charged they disappear and the money is gone. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! Call and speak with any of our agents before committing to anything.
Duncan Realty and Escrow specializes in closing services and transfer of Timeshare ownership world wide.  We offer professional service in assisting buyers, sellers, Resorts, and Real Estate Brokers with document preparation and processing. Let our expertise, experience, and knowledge make your closing (whether deeded or non-deeded) hassle-free.




Let our expertise, experience, and knowledge make your closing (whether deeded or non-deeded) hassle-free.

Enjoy your vacation and leave the work to us.
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